[EN] The Mongol ‘douche’? A controvertial Age of Empires IV strategy

Age of Empires IV has accomplished its first week with full lobbies and lots of network connection, making the game’s first days a complete success. With the addition of new and exclusive mechanics to their civilizations, however, it has been taking a little more time to figure out how to properly play them.

Besides that, one new and controversial strategie comes out from the Mongols with an unorthodox Dark Age play by using it’s Town Center as an aggressive building, combined with the extra mobility of the civilization.

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Named in doubtful honor for a similar strategy with the Persians in Age of Empires II, the ‘Mongol Douche’ is a strategy that combines two unique mechanics of the civilization of the steppes. First hand, the possibility to pack and unpack the buildings and move them to somewhere else, and second hand, build stables in the Dark Age.

The strategie

This move works like this: Mongols start their game with the usual six villagers and a packed Town Center that can be placed anywhere, making it possible to place the starting TC in a more advantageous position to gather resources. After that, the ‘Khan’, one of Mongols unique units, is sent forward looking for the enemy’s position, and after it’s finally found, the TC is packed on a waggon and starts its journey.

When the packed TC arrives, it’s placed next to the enemy’s Town Center, threatening nearby villagers and starting it’s early aggression. The waggon moves at an speed faster than a villager after the tech Superior Movility’ available in the Ovoo, and builds the TC in just 5 seconds. With the building up, creating new villagers to garrison them on the TC it’s the next step for adding more arrows, or the player can still move around with the TC in order to idle the opponents economy as much as possible.

The final nail in the coffin is the use of pikeman or make use of their early stable that is capable of making Horseman in Dark Age, which are used to take any villagers that are fleeing the base or trying to take resources somewhere else. With the entire eco surrounding and the TC not able to make new villagers, it’s just a matter of time before either the player surrenders or gets his TC destroyed.

It’s certain that the Mongols were made thinking of an aggressive play style, but it’s doubtful that developers were thinking this way. That being said, is to be expected that this strategie that’s capable of kill an equally skilled player very easily, gets some nerfs in the near future, by either slowing down the movement of the waggon, made it weaker or apply a similar mechanic seen on Age of Empires III that banned the placing of buildings near the starting TC.

Either way, Mongols have received most of the complains from the comunity just because of this strategy, than it even it’s a strategy banned from the Genesis tournament, coming up on November 13th.